Thursday, June 14, 2012

She who destroyed the worship of fire

Last year in Texas a whole neighborhood of homes was protected from destruction because a family put there confidence in the protection of the Mother of God.  The Fires came right up to the statue, burned every yard to cinders, but did not touch a single house.  For more information read here

This year again a miracle has happened, where despite a church being burned down where the pews, building and other sacred images (including ones of our Lord Jesus) where burned up.  An image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was unharmed despite having no protection from the flames.

 A fire destroyed a church in Juárez early Wednesday morning, but spared a Virgin of Guadalupe image, despite the fierce blaze, Juárez officials said today.
The incident took place at about 4:04 a.m. on Wednesday, at San Agustín Chapel at Paseos del Alba and Paseos del Ángel Streets, Juárez Fire Department officials said.
"The fire tore down the whole church," said Cap. Martin Morales, of the Fire Department in Juárez, in a telephone interview.
But the fire spared a Virgin of Guadalupe image inside the church. The worshiped icon, 60 centimeters tall and one meter wide, was framed in wood.
The flames destroyed other images like St. Agustín and Jesus Christ, said Efrén Matamoros, Juárez Environmental Services and Civil Defense.
"We had no explanation of that," Matamoros said. "The image had no protection at all." The fire also destroyed 40 pews, frames and several icons. No one was hurt.[1]

You might ask why God decided to spare only the image of His Mother and not even his own holy portrait.  I believe there can be several answers.  That God wishes to once again show that devotion to the Our Lady will save us from eternal fire.  That she is always a refuge for sinners no matter how much the wrath of God has been enkindled against us and as a comfort to those servants of Our Lady of Guadalupe that her miraculous intercession in Mexico is not something made up in mens imaginations or exaggerated in legends but is real.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!

1)The Elpaso Times. Fire in Juárez destroys church, spares Virgin of Guadalupe image. By Marisela Ortega Lozano / El Paso Times  June 14, 2012

Image from WikiMedia